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5 Apps for Finding EV Charging Stations

Charging an electric vehicle is usually simple, provided you know where compatible charging points exist on your journey.

Google Maps pinpoints charging station locations but it doesn’t offer payment options or supplementary EV community information. Here’s a roundup of popular and free-to-download charging station finder apps.

You may also need to download and sign into each charge point operator’s app in order to pay. Happily, most of the apps below support a single subscription for multiple charging operators.


PlugShare shows the locations of over 300,000 charging stations worldwide. EV drivers can filter by plug type and it also allows them to check in, rate, upload images and comment on the chosen charging point so there’s plenty of user information readily available, including over a million reviews.

To avoid frustrating delays, drivers can also check ahead to ensure chargers are working and available to use. On review sites, PlugShare is rated as highly accurate and informative.

Available for Android and iOS in North America, Europe and much of the world.


ChargePoint is both an app and a network of over 100,000 charging points that are not listed on any other station finding apps. However, the app does allow users to find charging points from other networks.

It delivers real-time availability information and supports nearfield communication (NFC). This means, once connected, users can start the charging process by simply tapping their phone against the charge point. Drivers can also filter out incompatible charging stations. The app displays how much power your vehicle has received in a particular time, shows an estimate of the miles travelled and cost for charging at each station. The app can also be used to manage ChargePoint home charging stations.

Available for Android and iOS


NextCharge is available in eight languages, including: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Romanian and Finnish and offers over 200,000 charging points. It includes travel itinerary, station reviews, charging status and more. Users have a choice of two views: map or list. The app allows them to comment on the charging points they’ve visited and enables filtering for access, plug type, speed of charge and status of the charging point.

Users rate this app as “great for specific searches i.e., Tesla”.

Available for Android and iOS


Chargemap is now among the favourite charging station finders in Europe, adopting a similar ‘community’ feel with over 330,000 EV drivers registered and a database of 166,000 charging locations. Users can interact with the app, saving drivers the frustration of being directed to unsuitable charging points. Dedicated user support is available 24/7.

Available for Android and iOS throughout Europe.


Owned by Shell, Greenlots enables EV drivers to find public charging stations nearby that are open, available and ready to use. The latest version, 4.0. has been completely redesigned in terms of interface and performance. Drivers can locate the closest one, filter by charger type, plus create and save a list of favourites. The app also allows pay-by-phone using QR codes. User can access real-time charging updates, check charging progress and view charging history and balance.

Available for Android and iOS worldwide.

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